Single Mom by Choice Has Trouble Conceiving

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Single Mom by Choice Has Trouble Conceiving

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Hello! I am a young single woman who has been trying to conceive via a sperm donor through IUI. Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a mom and have been obsessed with the idea ever since. Being a wife was never something that interested me or the person I am so I thought, “why wait”? There’s so many resources to help me be a mom on my own and I’m not getting any younger. I did my research for over a year before starting the process. I found a clinic online that seemed perfect and still really enjoyed them up until my first IUI cycle. The clinic I went to didn’t do much testing nor have I been diagnosed with any fertility issue by them. They made me aware that I do have cysts on my ovaries and they did raise my estrogen levels but said they weren’t concerned and continued to take my money and continue my IUI cycles as normal with no changes. Each cycle with them consisted with them pumping my body full of letrozole in hopes that my follicles would grow (they never would). It also consisted with them continuing my IUI the first cycle with only a 15mm follicle, which obviously was unsuccessful. Each cycle that followed ended in them pumping me full of letrozole and missing my ovulation each time. They never gave me any answers as to why they couldn’t detect when I would ovulate or if I had any condition such as PCOS. After this I realized that I have wasted so much money in those treatments with no useful information. I’m so grateful for the information I’ve gained and I’m now starting to get introduced to an endocrinologist for a second opinion and would like to be able to try again this time with IVF. I’m hoping to start that process in August 2024 with a new doctor and clinic.

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