Sunmi and Martine family struggle – IVF

Avondale, AZ (US)
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Sunmi and Martine family struggle – IVF

by Sun-mi Swank

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Avondale, AZ (US)

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Hello my name is Sun-mi! I met my partner through your typical dating site, he wanted a one-night stand, but it turned into something more that he and I would not have expected.

My previous relationship, I was with someone abusive in all aspects. He ended up giving me chlamydia and I did get it treated asap but I did not think it would affect my future to become pregnant.

My partner and I dreamt of becoming parents. We tried for 2 years, luckily, I did get pregnant each year but unfortunately, the baby did not implant in my uterus but in my fallopian tubes. My doctors were hopeful it was late and slow but unfortunately, I lost both of my tubes due to a tubal pregnancy and having to undergo surgery. With those two pregnancies, I spent countless of evenings going to the ER due to the ongoing bleeding I was having. I bled for over 2 weeks which is not normal for me. Undergoing the surgery itself to remove my fallopian tubes due to them bursting was an experience I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. At those moments, I realized I would not be pregnant anymore. I realized I was going to lose my tubes. I realized I lost a part of myself.

The pain was excruciating for me. Not only could I not conceive naturally but losing two babies in two years while trying to remain hopeful. I tested day in and day out as I got closer to my period. I bought so many things to help conceive naturally only for it to end in a surgery.

It brought down my morale and my self-esteem to the gutters. My partner and I fought countless after the first one thinking it was all my fault. I had tried to kill myself numerous times due to being a failure that I felt not only with trying to conceive in my everyday life. Everyone around me, friends and family had no problems conceiving naturally and every time I saw a baby, it tore me on the insides. After through everything, my partner and I were able to overcome the biggest hurdle of losing out first and we decided to try again.

After getting pregnant this past year in 2023, I was ecstatic. I told my friends after all the prayers and hardships I went through the first time. I had prayed and hoped it was a good one. Unfortunately, within two weeks of finding out I was pregnant, I had to undergo surgery to remove my last tube due to the tubal pregnancy exploding within me.

The pain of not being able to conceive naturally, the pain of seeing everyone else around me being able to, I felt a lot of emotions. I was very hopeful that things would go well after everything, but it got crushed.

I fell into major depression and laid in bed for weeks. I stopped caring for myself and hated myself even more than the first time.

After everything, my partner was still by my side. I had done some research on how I could still get pregnant and IVF was my only option. I, unfortunately, do have fertility coverage, but my plan has denied all of them deemed as “unnecessary”. With that, it puts a halt on me trying to start IVF. It has always been a dream of mine to start a family and I hope with your help I can get there!

Thank you for reading my story. Anything helps to achieve my long life dream!♡