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Columbus, OH (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Support Melanie in Becoming a Mom

by Melanie Grimm

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Columbus, OH (US)

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Campaign Story

Everyone comes to parenthood in different ways.

The decision to become a Mom or Dad is often filled with excitement, butterflies of uncertainty, and a multitude of other feelings on any given day. The choice to become a parent is based in love, but the paths to get there are innumerable.

I planned on a straightforward and traditional path: meet the right man, get married, and have babies. Perhaps like you, I always knew I was a Mom, and spent so many years waiting to do it the way I had pictured.

At the end of 2019 I realized I couldn’t wait any longer, and  I started conversations with my family and the rest of my support system about how my path to motherhood might look. With their support, and a tenacity that comes with a decision made, by March of 2020 I had chosen my fertility clinic, started diagnostic testing, and entered a partnership with a wonderful donor. Non-traditional? Check.

Remember how COVID threw any number of loops into being human? We pressed on though and have spent three years working to bring a little more joy into this world. Non straightforward? Check.

For anyone who has gone through this process, you know there is a fine line between sharing what is going on in your life and feeling overexposed on what can be a turbulent path. So many people struggle on the path to parenthood, and often in silence. I’m guessing if you don’t know the feelings yourself, you love someone who does.

And yet, bringing that baby home is more important than all of that. That’s why I’m sharing with you today -I have certainly learned that sharing all of the feelings, not editing or labeling which are good and bad, is the surest path forward. It’s also what lets me be fully me and welcomes you all to do the same!

If you’ve read this far, you get it. The joy of parenthood, the massive feelings of becoming, and the need for support. My support network looks a little different than I imagined, but I am ever so thankful for family and friends that are on this journey with me.

I’m calling on my village to support me as a Mom starting from the very beginning!

The next step is embryo banking and IVF, and reproductive healthcare is wildly expensive. Starting in January, we’ll do three rounds of egg retrievals. Then, if all goes well, IVF.

Here’s where I’m at: up to now, my savings and a couple loans have covered treatment and the deposit for embryo banking and IVF (for context, well over $40K.)

Here’s where your gift would go: each of the three egg retrieval rounds carries an additional $5,000-$7,000 in medications and ~$5,000 in genetic testing (to find which embryos are most likely to turn into a healthy pregnancy).

Knowing I am a Mom without a child, I will make this happen. And yet, I would love to spend the first few years of my child’s life focused on them growing instead of the interest on loans.

And so, I’m asking for your support. Will you be a part of my baby’s life from the beginning?

I have SO MUCH that a baby needs in the house given my ‘Aunt life’, I just need my baby and my village!

I’m playfully considering this a Make-a-Baby Shower. If I’ve hosted or celebrated with you at your baby shower/bridal shower/engagement party/wedding, and you’ve been waiting to celebrate something with me, now is the time!

If you are able to give any amount of money to help ease the financial burden, I would be very grateful. If you can share this post to others who understand, that would be amazing too!

We have just the right amount of time to share December baby/first Christmas pictures next year!

  • 05-31-2024

    Round One Medicines are covered!

    Round One
    medicines are covered!
    Thank you
    Your gifts are so appreciated, and will help make my journey to Mom easier. Donations next will go towards round one embryo testing, to select those that can become a healthy pregnancy.

  • 05-31-2024

    Egg Retrieval One

    The first egg retrieval was on Thursday 1/18/24. Of the 12 mature eggs (out of 17), 8 fertilized! A mid week update will provide more information for how many continue to progress to blastocysts and then embryos. Fingers crossed for genetic testing results that identify multiple euploid embryos.

  • 05-31-2024

    Egg Retrieval Two

    Egg retrieval number two yielded three embryos! Awaiting PGT (pre-implantation genetic testing) results, which should be back mid April.

  • 05-31-2024

    Not yet, AND not done

    The embryos from round two tested as complex aneuploid, ie unimplantable. Disappointed is not a strong enough word. And yet, it only takes one. Round three injectible meds start May 10th, and I’m striving for optimism. I’ll get there.

  • 05-31-2024

    Round Three

    The third egg retrieval yielded 22 eggs. 19 were matured and 11 fertilized. After 5 days we had one embryo to test with PGT. Those results are still pending. All my hopes for a biological child in one little embryo!

    Results from rounds
    #3/2/1 if you’re curious
    22/22/17 eggs retrieved
    19/16/12 fully mature
    11/14/8 fertilized
    1/3/2 embryos
    ?/0/0 implantable (euploid)

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Anonymous $100.00 December 01, 2023
Anonymous commented with a $1035 donation about 3 weeks ago
Wishing you all the best! You will make an amazing Mom!! ❤️
Erica Hondroulis commented with a $60 donation about 2 months ago
Love you and am thinking of you and sending alllllll the good energy to you and those sweet little embryos!
Angela Nadler commented with a $50 donation about 5 months ago
Wishing you the best Mel! What an incredibly admirable and brave journey you are on. You deserve all the love that a sweet little baby will bring you ❤️
Samantha Aguirre commented with a $10 donation about 6 months ago
Sending you love and baby dust. ✨ - Barren Craft Co. ✨✨✨✨
Maria Barnett commented with a $400 donation about 6 months ago
Sarah Walter commented with a $50 donation about 6 months ago
I can not wait to see you as a mom-you are an amazing person whose amazingness needs to be passed to future generations 💜💙
Amanda Bekeny commented with a $40 donation about 6 months ago
Sending love, prayers, and encouragement!
Casey Wieck commented with a $100 donation about 6 months ago
Excited for you to be a momma!
Jay & Kathy Sokol commented with a $100 donation about 6 months ago
With all our love!❤️
Erica Hondroulis commented with a $50 donation about 6 months ago
Let's get this thing done, Mama!
Chris Wieck commented with a $200 donation about 7 months ago
Melanie, we are happy to support you on this journey. Love from the Wieck Family!
Laura Wieck commented with a $500 donation about 7 months ago
Can’t wait to meet the little one!
Judith Montanaro commented with a $100 donation about 7 months ago
Wishing you the best, Melanie!
Katie Hetterle commented with a $50 donation about 7 months ago
Anne Deringer commented with a $50 donation about 7 months ago
Shana Hartman commented with a $100 donation about 7 months ago
Love you and your baby to be!
Kaili Chernuka commented with a $20 donation about 7 months ago
Best wishes in this next leg of your journey to motherhood!
Leah James commented with a $200 donation about 7 months ago
Jeff and I love you!!!!!!