Tanner and Sam’s IVF journey

Gooding, ID (US)
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Tanner and Sam’s IVF journey

by Samantha Baumann

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Gooding, ID (US)

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My husband, Tanner, and I have been married for 4 years. We are both teachers in our community, and love spending our free time coaching high school sports. Shortly after we got married, we both decided we wanted to start our family. We tried to get pregnant on our own for a little over a year with no success. We decided it was time to go see my OBGYN to get help. I went through 6 rounds of Clomid with no success. After trying to track ovulation, we found out that I was not ovulating, and that I have never ovulated. We were then recommended to our fertility center in Idaho Falls where we were introduced to our amazing doctors and nurses. The first month we were there, we went through many tests, and I was diagnosed with PCOS. After my diagnosis, I had a surgery to remove polyps so we could begin the IUI process. We tried 3 different IUI cycles with Letrozole and all 3 cycles were cancelled because my ovaries weren’t responding to medication. The fourth time, we took a more aggressive approach with 900 units of Follistim (injectables), Letrozole, and several other medications only to cancel it again. My ovaries were beginning to respond to the higher dosage of medicine, but we were still not were we needed to be. So after four failed attempts at IUI, we sat down with our doctor and decided that IVF is the last and final option. My body was starting to respond to a higher dosage of meds which helped us make the decision that IVF is our next step.

Our dream is to start a family, but we have been thrown a few curveballs. We do believe that this is part of God’s plan, and with trial and tribulation comes blessings. Although IVF success rates are fairly high, it was does come with a huge cost. We started this fundraiser to help cover the costs of our IVF journey, because we have already invested thousands of dollars in medication, ultrasounds, gas, labs, etc. We appreciate anything that you are willing to donate as we continue on the journey of starting our family.

Name Donation Date
Debbi Balch $100.00 May 03, 2022
Adrian Celaya $600.00 April 16, 2022
Jon and Lisa Jensen $75.00 April 08, 2022
Ryan Norris $200.00 April 07, 2022
Anonymous $50.00 April 06, 2022
Melissa Paulin $50.00 April 05, 2022
Afton Weaver $100.00 April 02, 2022
Rosanne Celaya $100.00 April 01, 2022
Cindy Kuhn $50.00 March 31, 2022
Sarah Elliott $200.00 March 31, 2022
Crystal Gillette $50.00 March 31, 2022
Lucinda Rogers $100.00 March 29, 2022
Ronnie Weekes $500.00 March 29, 2022
William Smith $250.00 March 29, 2022
David Adkison $50.00 March 28, 2022
Anonymous $200.00 March 28, 2022
Rachel Rogers $100.00 March 28, 2022
Cindy Bullers $50.00 March 28, 2022
Anonymous $250.00 March 28, 2022
Caden Braun $5.00 March 28, 2022
Shelley Comstock $50.00 March 28, 2022
Tara Rasmuson $100.00 March 28, 2022
Anji Branch $200.00 March 27, 2022
Kason Abbott $50.00 March 27, 2022
Cindy Gillette $100.00 March 27, 2022
Anni Norstebon $50.00 March 27, 2022
Anonymous $30.00 March 27, 2022
Anonymous $50.00 March 27, 2022
Virginia Plowman $100.00 March 27, 2022
Savannah Fleming $50.00 March 27, 2022
Jon and Lisa Jensen commented with a $75 donation about 2 years ago
Rosanne Celaya commented with a $100 donation about 2 years ago
Our prayers and heartfelt wishes for success in fulfilling your desire to become parents.
William Smith commented with a $250 donation about 2 years ago
Such a hard journey! Hope we can help a little to get you on your way. Thanks for being a great friend!
David Adkison commented with a $50 donation about 2 years ago
Love you guys and I pray for your success!
Anonymous commented with a $200 donation about 2 years ago
You don't know me, but I am impressed with what I have learned about you from your Facebook profile and posts and from your story. You and your husband sound like beautiful people who are making the world a better place. My heart goes out to you both for all you have been through already on your journey to parenthood. My son and daughter-in-law are waiting to see if their second round of IUI worked. From what I have learned, it sounds like the financial challenge of IVF, as hard as that is, is actually the easiest part of IVF. I admire your willingness to go through all this in order to bring a baby into the world. I am confident you will be wonderful parents. May the Lord bless you in your journey and in the longings of your hearts. Hang in there. With love from Georgia.
Anonymous commented with a $250 donation about 2 years ago
Lots of love from Dally and Dax ?
Kason Abbott commented with a $50 donation about 2 years ago
We wish you guys the best of luck! We love you both!?