The Burroughs journey to parenthood

humble, TX (US)
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Embryo Adoption

The Burroughs journey to parenthood

by Leia Burroughs

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humble, TX (US)

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Did you know that 24% of men with Sickle Cell Anemia experience infertility due to the effects of the disease?
Did you know that Sickle Cell Anemia affects about 100,000 people or that it occurs 1 in every 365 Black births in the US?
Did you know that many people with Sickle Cell Anemia live their whole lives unsure of their fertility status until they are ready to conceive?
What would you say if I told you that the top-of-the-line medication, Hydroxyurea, which you have been taking for the past 19 years to prevent Sickle Cell Crises and keep you out of the hospital with excruciating pain, is the same medication that is participating in your infertility?

Kriston has Sickle Cell SS, an inherited disease that distorts his red blood cells into a sickle or half-moon shape, leading them to die prematurely and causing a shortage of healthy red blood cells. This can block blood flow, resulting in excruciating pain. Symptoms vary among individuals and are often misunderstood by healthcare professionals. Treatment options include lifelong medication, blood transfusions, and occasionally a bone marrow transplant for those who can afford it. While not all individuals with Sickle Cell experience infertility, its effects on the body vary from person to person.
So, how did we reach this point? After months of deliberation, we decided in October 2019 to start our journey to parenthood. However, after eight months of unsuccessful attempts and numerous tests, including a painful HSG and various blood work panels, everything appeared normal for me. It was a different story for Kriston. Few doctors are well-versed in treating patients with SCSS who face fertility challenges, often leaving us to educate them on the disease and its management. A costly and painful Testicular Sperm Extraction in December 2020 yielded nine abnormal sperm, rendering them unsuitable for IVF.
Our next attempt involved a risky decision to discontinue Hydroxyurea for a year in hopes of boosting sperm production. Despite enduring numerous hospital stays, transfusions, and battling COVID-19 symptoms, this endeavor proved futile. Our marriage, hope, and faith were severely tested, and we found solace in therapy.
After undergoing extensive couples and individual therapy, we refused to let despair consume us. In November 2021, we relocated to Houston, Texas, hoping the warmer climate would be more conducive to Kriston’s Sickle Cell condition. Advised by other couples who had a great experience, we explored fertility clinics, eventually finding a suitable option at the National Embryo Adoption Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.
During our initial consultation in July 2023, it was discovered that the fibroids that had been dismissed as insignificant since 2016 were, in fact, a significant concern. I underwent a Laparoscopic Myomectomy in December 2023, where it was revealed under MRI I had six fibroids, not three as I was told. Following a three-month recovery period, we are now preparing for embryo transfer.
We need assistance in covering the expenses associated with our first embryo transfers. Our desire to build a family is strong, but financial constraints pose a significant obstacle. With insurance providing no coverage for our treatments, medications, or future procedures, we humbly request your support.