The Caamanos’ IVF Journey-Hope for Another Rainbow

Raleigh, NC (US)
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The Caamanos’ IVF Journey-Hope for Another Rainbow

by Amerique Caamano

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Raleigh, NC (US)

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Campaign Story

Thank you so much for stopping by our fundraising page! We are Amerique and Cory Caamano. We would love nothing more than to be able to bring another child into our lives.

We are the incredibly lucky parents of Charlie who can’t wait to be a big brother. In fact, every wish he makes is for a baby sister. But we think he will be overjoyed with the sibling he gets! We want so badly to make that wish come true for him. He’s incredibly deserving and just the sweetest kid. He sees a baby and his face lights up and all he wants to do is make them smile.

Our journey for a second child has been long and extremely hard. Harder than it should ever be. It’s been filled with a lot of heartbreak and loss. We started this journey over 2 years ago and have suffered 4 miscarriages in the process. The most recent was Mother’s Day weekend.

With the diagnosis of recurrent miscarriages, we’ve been directed to look into other options that includes a lot of testing and fertility procedures.

We’ve decided to move forward with IVF with preimplantation genetic testing to hopefully get the most perfect little embryo that could. The cost of doing this is incredibly expensive and we have to pay a large portion up front to even get started. We know this part of our journey will be hard emotionally and physically but we would literally go to the ends of the Earth for another baby in our arms. We’ve been through so much already but the IVF process brings us some hope.

We have one rainbow baby, our Charlie, and are hopeful for another rainbow after all the storms.

Family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, supporters, kind hearts: Anything at all will help us towards this goal even just sharing our story. Please also send us some strength and positive thoughts. Much love to you all. We appreciate the support more than we will ever be able to describe.

For anyone going through loss, we are always here for you any time you need us. No one should go through it feeling alone.


Overall update: Our 1st round of IVF started off hopeful. My body responded well to the medications. We were able to retrieve 4 eggs and out of those we got 2 embryos, which is amazing. Unfortunately, we lost both of them as they were non-viable due to chromosomally abnormalities. We lost a chance at both a girl and a boy.

We’ve been absolutely heartbroken since we got the call. We know we don’t want to give up and that another miracle baby will be in our arms one day.

We met with our doctor and believe that another round of IVF and genetic testing is our best chance. My body and mind just can’t go through another miscarriage. I can handle the shots and procedures. Those are easy compared to what I’ve been through.

We will have a very similar protocol with the addition of 1 or 2 more medications. I’ve already started on some additional supplements. We really need to raise another $4-$5k in order to get started with a second round. We beg and plead for another chance. Thank you again for all of the support and love!

  • 07-14-2023

    Treatment Update

    Hi Everyone. We have pushed our treatment start date back until we have enough to order our injections. With a high quantity needed of each drug (since our protocol will be twice a day injections), the cost of these are extremely high. I have been on calls non-stop, researching and contacting manufacturers to find all possible discounts that could apply to us. This is so much work, y\'all. We are also extending our fundraiser date. We are so thankful for everyone who has shared our link, made a donation, reached out with comforting words, made sure we are doing okay and shared their own IVF journeys with us. Your kindness has made this battle a little easier to get through. Much love to you all!

  • 09-28-2023


    We don't even have the words or strength right now. This IVF treatment cycle was a fail. We were so hopeful. We knew my egg count was low but we were able to get 4 at retrieval and 2 of those were able to be fertilized. And those exact 2 turned into embryos. We were so happy with that outcome. Unfortunately, when they were sent for genetic testing, both came back with chromosomal abnormalities and were non-viable. Even though all of our personal tests are normal, we've been told this is common.

    We lost 2 more chances for another child. A boy and a girl. We've lost 7 babies now. 7…. How is that fair? Why? I'm so sad. I'm so angry. So incredibly heartbroken. Devastated. Tired. Exhausted. Physically, emotionally and mentally. We've been given so much pain. I don't want to be strong anymore. I just want our baby.

    We don't know where we will go from here. But we do know we don't want to give up. For another round of IVF to be on the table, we would need to hit our fundraising goal. On top of the physical and mental toll, IVF is a huge financial burden that can also bury you.

    We appreciate everyone so much. Thank you for your support and love during this sad time and throughout this entire journey. The messages, texts, page shares and donations help get us through this. Love to you all.

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Anonymous commented with a $50 donation about 9 months ago
Jennifer Aubut commented with a $25 donation about 10 months ago
Praying for you guys! 🙏
Adele Moralez commented with a $50 donation about 11 months ago
Thinking only good thoughts. 😘
Paula Diffley commented with a $100 donation about 11 months ago
Wishing you all the best!
Anonymous commented with a $50 donation about 11 months ago
Wish I could give more.
Carolyn Sammarco commented with a $100 donation about 12 months ago
Love you guys, hoping for the best. Aunt Carolyn XOXOX
Nicole Payne commented with a $100 donation about 12 months ago
We are praying for your sweet family to grow in God’s image and to His glory! Thinking of you!❤️
Elise Porcelli commented with a $25 donation about 12 months ago
Wishing you love and prayers on your journey. ❤️
Anonymous commented with a $100 donation about 12 months ago
I pray that you will have your rainbow after all of your storms. All my love
Narbe Kalantarians commented with a $40 donation about 12 months ago
Best of luck. We've been there with IVF. Charlie would make a great bigger brother.
Elizabeth Baynes commented with a $50 donation about 1 year ago
Amerique, Corey, and Charlie, I wish this could be more but it comes with all the prayers and wishes for a second baby.
Anonymous commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
We love yous!
Anonymous commented with a $200 donation about 1 year ago
Marshall Fowle commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
IVF gave us our miracle. Hopefully it’ll work for you as well!
Kali Cruse commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
Being a parent is the absolute greatest part of life! Praying that your family soon grows and your love multiplies two fold! Love you!! 💕
Anonymous commented with a $200 donation about 1 year ago
I love you! I can’t wait to see your family grow. 💞
Emily McCluskey commented with a $100 donation about 1 year ago
We love you! That’s all. And good luck, angel!
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I love you guys very much ❤️
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Sending love and support your way!🤍