The Gift of Life

Lawrence, IN (US)
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Fertility Treatments

The Gift of Life

by Amanda Schwartz

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Lawrence, IN (US)

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My name is mandy. I am a single mom of a 5, 6 and 7 year old. I am making this fundraiser on behalf of myself. Please bare with me, as I tru to give you the Clift notes version. I was married. He was not a great man and I was a very weak woman. I stayed in a relationship where I was abused. Mentally, verbally. Physically and at some point. Sexually. Resulting in the pregnancy of my son. While I was so terrified to leave, even with comments of how fat I was while pregnant, and how cheating was okay because I didn’t meet his specific qualifications in a wife I stayed. Terrified to raise three kids under the age of three by myself. When I went into labor with my last baby, Henry. It was a high risk pregnancy. Painful. In the hospital every day from taking a blow to the stomach. I was told he wouldn’t make it. He’s the little man green birthday cake. Their father insisted I get my tubes tied. And I hope I don’t catch hate comments for this, but honestly I was just too scared. He consented to it the second I pushed my son out. I didn’t even get a second to be with my son when he came out. I was in and out of consciousness. And the next thing I remember is waking up to my tubes tied when I specifically asked that we think about this later on as we would still be in the hospital for days. But it was too late. I reached out to the woman who did it, pretty sure she had botched the surgery as it took months to heal from a simple procedure. She didn’t see me after that. Not even to check back in. I’ve spent years trying to come up with the extra money to get it reversed. I then found out that I have a tumor on my cervix. And lesions that won’t go away. I was told a gull hysterectomy could potentially fix it. But I can’t do something so permanent, without at least getting the chance to have one more baby.. I have raised my children on my own. I have given them a good life. And I want my health to be 100 percent. But before I make that decision. I’m making this one. I’m 29. As soon as I was harmed, I felt like I lost rights to my body. I still feel that way.. please help me in getting this reversal done, in hopes I can conceive one more time. I’ve done the testing. I’ve passed everything. All that’s left is to pay for the surgery, I had the money for . But something came up with my children and that’s where it went. So I am asking you, please help me experience being a mom all over again before permanently not being able to conceive. πŸ’œ