The Grant-Presser’s Family Building Fund

Centreville, VA (US)
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The Grant-Presser’s Family Building Fund

by Alexandria Grant-Presser

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Centreville, VA (US)

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Campaign Story

Hello there!

Thank you for taking the time to read our personal statement, learn about our story, and hopefully feel our desire to continue to grow our family.
Our family is one that is affected by secondary infertility. On July 9, 2019 we welcomed our first child, into our lives. Our son was born at 35 weeks and delivered via an emergency c-section. Unfortunately, at the time, we were unaware of the damage done during the c-section. My husband was unable to advocate for me in the delivery room, as he went to advocate for our newborn child in the NICU. Despite reaching out to my OBGYN, due to pain, I was dismissed with statements such us “well, you just had a baby,” or “this is normal.” It wasn’t until December 2021, when I inquired a second opinion, that we learned that I had hemorrhaged during my birth.

Fast forward a year’s worth of ultrasounds, trigger injections, pelvic floor physical therapy, IUD removal, hormones, and blood work—we pursued a diagnostic laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. The laparoscopy showed severe adhesions causing the fusing of my bladder to the uterus. However, this procedure did not provide insight on why I was still not menstruating and unable to conceive. We then were referred to Shady Grove fertility where I was diagnosed with severe Asherman’s Syndrome and referred to a specialist. Given that I am writing this statement, you can conclude that our journey didn’t end ideally. It was determined on November 3, 2023 that an action that occurred during my c-section resulted in the obliteration of uterine cavity, which resulted in my secondary infertility (despite all other reproductive functioning being normal). And even more devastating, it was found that the hysteroscopy “completed” by the second opinion doctor was not done- subjecting me to unnecessary hysteroscopies, 5 rounds of letrozole, and a loss of time.

Our personal statement is that despite all of this- the tears, the malpractice, the medical gaslighting- we have always and continue to desire to nurture life in this world. In our wedding vows we wrote “we will build our family on principles connected to justice, compassion, laughter, and love. In our home we will comfort each other during sorrows, and cheer alongside each other across all successes- even the most simple.” These vows extend to our first child, and we hope to extend them to more. As a family we enjoy spending time in nature, hanging out with our dog- Cooper, growing our many houseplants, cooking, fostering learning through play, being a part of our community, and making space for all of our feelings. For we know that grief can come a thousand times, but hope will always return in the morning.

Thank you for this inkling of hope.

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Lauren Presser $100.00 February 02, 2024
Rachel Wakefield $50.00 December 12, 2023
Courtney Wolfson $150.00 December 09, 2023
Samantha Wechsler $100.00 November 25, 2023
Sarah Hurley $200.00 November 25, 2023
LaVerne Grant-Jackson $100.00 November 21, 2023
Colleen O’Connor $50.00 November 19, 2023
Cristina Restrepo $50.00 November 18, 2023