Thornton-Scott Surrogacy Journey

Detroit, MI (US)
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Thornton-Scott Surrogacy Journey

by Chad Scott

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Detroit, MI (US)

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Campaign Story

We are Joshua & Chad. We have been together for 17 years, and of that we’ve been married for 9. We have enjoyed the 17 years helping friends and family, and achieving our goals.

For us, seeing our friends kids around Christmas, school activities and having family is a part we are missing. To be fathers would be a dream come true! We are ready for the next journey in our lives, having a family and would be forever thankful for your help.

From the gestational carrier, egg donor, medical escrow and other costs, this journey is expensive. We are looking to raise enough funds to offset any potential gap with savings. I am asking you to help us on this new journey by donating to our fundraiser.

We have just paid our first payment for $35,900 on 10/12/2023, and it was an amazing milestone to be reached! We are seeking assistance with the financial burden of surrogacy, and we would be honored if you could help. Even $5 would mean the world to us and help us fight for our future family. Thank you for reading!

  • 03-16-2023

    Almost ready to start

    We have been working on our home to get it appraised and get a HELOC to help fund our journey. We are hopeful we will have it ready by the end of June. We have also started appointments with preliminary work before we can have our embryos created. Thank you for helping us on our journey! Love Joshua and Chad Scott

  • 10-14-2023

    Contract Signed

    We have singed our contract, secured our egg donor and made our first series of payments totaling $35,900. We have updated our goal end date and hope to make this dream a reality! We are thankful for all those who have donated and supported us. Onto the next milestone!

  • 01-18-2024

    We have embryos!

    Our egg donor was able to produce 5 eggs after a late start to her cycle. Stress and other factors contribute to a low count, we're thankful for the 5 that were afforded by her. That portion was about $15900 in medical cost and $6500 in donation compensation. Just after the egg donation we went to the clinic (12/28) to give our sample and from that our eggs were all successfully fertilized. After waiting about 6 days, we were told of the 5 fertilized eggs, 2 made it to blastocyst stage and were grade a fair grade of 4CC. The next process is to transfer the embryos to a surrogate and hope they (both 🤞🏽) latch on!

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Anonymous $9.00 October 11, 2023
Rachael Stoops $200.00 October 03, 2023
Anonymous $500.00 October 03, 2023
Maxine Laine $10.00 June 01, 2023
Dena Kew $20.00 March 17, 2023
Claire Freeman $15.00 March 17, 2023
Tammy Bhatti $100.00 March 17, 2023
Sherrie Brindley $50.00 March 17, 2023
Kristy Hickson $100.00 March 16, 2023
Sonya Addison $50.00 March 16, 2023
Michael Corvin $20.00 March 16, 2023
Anonymous $100.00 December 15, 2022
April Claycomb $10.00 November 14, 2022
Anonymous $10.00 November 14, 2022
Maxine Laine commented with a $10 donation about 9 months ago
I am so excited for you guys. You will make great fathers. Sorry it is not much, but I wanted to help with a donation.
Tammy Bhatti commented with a $100 donation about 11 months ago
I am so happy for you! I hope everything works out perfectly.
Sherrie Brindley commented with a $50 donation about 11 months ago
Good luck cousin! ???
Kristy Hickson commented with a $100 donation about 11 months ago
I can’t wait for you both to become parents!
April Claycomb commented with a $10 donation about 1 year ago
Love you all
Anonymous commented with a $10 donation about 1 year ago