The Wittmans Journey

Huntington, AR (US)
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Fertility Treatments

The Wittmans Journey

by Christina Wittman

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Huntington, AR (US)

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Campaign Story

Thank you for visiting our fundraising campaign. Here is our story:

Believe it or not, Christina’s infertility journey began even before she got married. At the age of 14, Christina was told by her doctors that she was going to have issues conceiving one day. “I remember telling Taylor that the doctors told me I was broken. I just didn’t understand the extent of my issues at the time. It didn’t matter to me because that seemed so far in the future” -Christina

Christina and Taylor got married in 2014. As they got married they knew they wanted to have children and due to her doctors telling her early in life that she would have issues they knew that they needed to start trying as soon as possible. But after months and months of no periods, Christina Started to see her regular OBGYN to discuss what was going on. “I remember the doctors telling me it was my weight. That if I lost some it would make my periods come back. It’s like they didn’t take me serious.” -C

In 2019 Christina saw a doctor in Waco Texas. This doctor decided that he was going to send her in for a fallopian tube flush and send Taylor in for sperm testing to ensure that it wasn’t his issue that was causing infertility.
Taylor’s results came back completely normal and Christinas came back normal as well. Shortly after that the doctor came on a zoom call with them to discuss results and to give them a treatment plan. His plan? Well, I Guess you gotta loose weight…
“I couldn’t believe that. “ -Taylor
Even after years of no periods, ovarian pain, and no answers they held onto hope that one day they would have a miracle baby.

In 2022, Christina had a PCP in Wichita KS run some test on her to figure out why she was having fainting episodes and low blood pressure. The doctors while reviewing the test results came to the conclusion that her prolactin was high, and that she must have a pituitary tumor in her brain secreting it into her body. Christina then went under an MRI and more testing, which were left inconclusive as they didn’t find anything on the results. At the exact time that all of this was finishing up her PCP retired and she was reassigned to a new doctor. “this was so incredibly frustrating. I felt like I spent so much money for them to lead to another dead end and then to have that doctor ripped away. “
Shortly after that, her and Taylor moved to Arkansas. This was an attempt for them to downsize so that way they could have the extra money to further their investigation into the long-standing infertility issues.

Now, as Taylor turns 30 this year and Christina 29, they are starting to understand the weight of her early diagnosis. After nine years of consistently trying to naturally have children, they knew that there was something else going on and that it was going to take seeking specialized care ,even out of state, to find the doctors that will ultimately give them the answers.
“ this truly goes beyond just us trying to have children now. My body is failing. I’m having issues that affect my day-to-day life. I know that by finding the reason I’m not having periods or ovulations, I can also solve multiple other issues such as my unexplained weight and fatigue”
Along with this fertility journey in the hospital, Christina and Taylor have been attending support groups bi-weekly to try and meet with other people like them. “This has helped me understand since I can’t be at all the doctor appointments with her” -Taylor
Christina also lost 50 pounds in the past six months in an effort to jolt her body back into a regular cycle. It hasn’t made any difference.

“This is basically our last effort to try to have children naturally. I feel like we’ve exhausted all of our options when it comes to finding solutions and we really need to try to come to grips with growing our family another way if after seeing the new specialist, we still don’t have answers. “-Christina

This fundraiser is to help Christina and Taylor alleviate some of the financial stress that has come with all of these testing and specialist fees that they have acquired over the past few years. The full transparency that comes along with this is slightly exposing, but necessary due to the financial burden, this is placed on their family. “We have no option but to ask for help” -Christina

Please, if you have in your heart to help us ,you can donate to this fundraiser. The funds that don’t got to covering the specialist fees/Testing/ Labs, will be transferred into our adoption fund as we continue a new route to grow our family over the years. We cannot even begin to thank all of you for your support over this long journey. Regardless of how it ends, we know God has a plan for us. -Christina and Taylor