Wish Upon a Star – Riddle Family

Ankeny, Ia (US)
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Fertility Treatments

Wish Upon a Star – Riddle Family

by Joshua Riddle

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Ankeny, Ia (US)

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Campaign Story

Our story starts all the way back to being high school sweethearts. We have been together for 10 years going on 11. We got married back in 2018 and bought our first house in 2021. We have been on the highest rollercoasters and through the thickest mud when it comes to life. We knew ever since we met that we wanted to build a family together, even back in high school. Unfortunately, we knew going in early that we would have some hurdles to overcome with August’s endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This led us to be unsure of how naturally starting our family would go. We tried for years but unfortunately, we received nothing but heartbreak and late nights. We finally decided it was time to get in and see a fertility doctor to discuss our options. To our surprise, we found out there was both a male and female factor involved. Therefore, we would both have a tough road ahead of us, but we are determined. We got on all the recommended medication, blood draws, doctors’ appointments, but we eventually hit the road stop that most couples face and that is the IVF cost. Our insurance was not going to cover any of the IVF treatments, outside of the specialist consultation appointment and normal blood draws. This news brought us to tears and into some depressing times. We have been trying for so long and have gone through this long venture just to get to the steps to the door of potentially having a family. After some strong consideration, we decided to put IVF on hold and focus on buying a house to be in a more stable environment. In this time of building stability, we bought our house and got a beautiful English Bulldog puppy. We love our puppy very much, but we know we are still missing something in our hearts that has been growing ever since the day we started to try to conceive. With us being in a stable situation, we have started to get the ball rolling again but unfortunately, the cost will always be a factor. As most couples quickly realize, IVF is not cheap and not everyone understands this. We have heard all the put-me-downs like “oh you can’t afford IVF how will you afford a family” or “maybe it’s a sign to keep waiting.” It’s not like that at all. We know we can afford a family, but what most people don’t understand is even if you get the money to try IVF that it can still fail. It’s a try and not a guarantee. At 15-20K a try, this is not an easy undertaking to save up every year for a try. Unfortunately, not everyone gets lucky to have a baby naturally. Even though we hear most people say, “your time will come” or “your still young.” Yes, we understand that mentality. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for us. Getting people to understand sometimes is almost as much work as trying to figure out IVF. We are grateful for all the kind words we have had so far from family and friends. To all the struggling infertility families out there. We hear you, we see you, and we are thinking of you as we all go through these rough times. The struggle hurts but we will all come out stronger in the end. We hope you enjoyed our story and greatly appreciate any support that is given to us. We hope someday soon that we can step up to the plate for a chance to hit a home run and start our family.