Wishing for a Baby, a chance to be a Mom!!!

Scottsdale , AZ (US)
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Wishing for a Baby, a chance to be a Mom!!!

by Annabelle Hensley

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Scottsdale , AZ (US)

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Hi, my name is Annabelle, my husband and I have been struggling to get pregnant for a few years now. It’s been a heartbreaking experience, to say the least. I am 40 years old now and unfortunately, I hate to say it but time is ticking by even faster for me.

 As an only child, I have always been naturally drawn to having a big family. It’s always something I hoped to have but now, this dream seems to be fading away.


We have been seeing a fertility specialist for over a year and have had multiple IUI procedures with no luck. Because of our condition, we were given a 17% chance with each shot, which is not all that promising. However, we had to try. We are willing to try anything.


The fertility specialist has given us an 80% chance with IVF.  Unfortunately, this is not cheap. They have quoted us $16,750 for the procedure itself, $4,250 for medication cost for a retrieval cycle, and $1000 to $1500 for additional medication.


I cannot explain to you how unbearable it is to know that having a dream of being a mother would depend on a dollar amount to the tune of $22,500. I feel completely helpless now. Even though there is hope through IVF, this is something that is entirely out of our reach simply because they put an insane price tag on having a baby.


I am hoping for a miracle! Anything you can give would be most appreciated in ways I cannot fully express. Obviously, this is not how I saw my life going at all. If you would have told me I’d be asking for money in my forties to be given the chance to have a baby I would have told you that you were crazy! I am disappointed that I must do this, but I am at a loss and cannot give up on this until I have exhausted all efforts to finally become a mom. 


I am certain there are many others out there that also feel this burden and my heart goes out to them. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to tell my story, and if you can give any amount at all, it will mean the world to me.