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As many of you know, our journey to baby Grayson has been an emotional roller coaster of some huge life decisions. When faced with infertility, I never gave up hope that some day my dreams would come true. After a few years of researching our options and attending an infant adoption meeting, we finally agreed on trying IVF. I was ecstatic! Then came the financial piece, how in the world are we going to pay for this? Back to researching where we found some amazing grant, scholarship and financial programs. We feel so grateful and blessed for this opportunity, and would like to help pay it forward. We have chosen Gift of Parenthood as an IVF foundation for those who are interested in helping donate. Our goal is to raise $100 that will go towards a grant to help someone else’s dream of becoming a parent come true. We welcome you to check out their website and help spread awareness about infertility, as there is help and hope out there!

About Gift of Parenthood

At the Gift of Parenthood, our mission is to provide a path towards parenthood by educating, inspiring, and giving fertility grants to couples and individuals struggling with infertility across the world.

Donations give real-life individuals and couples a path to parenthood that would otherwise be impossible. We are so grateful for your compassionate heart!

Join us in helping couples and families have a chance at parenthood. Donate and give the gift of hope today.

Help spread the word!

We know that money is tight for everyone right now, so we don’t make this request lightly. If you are in a position to help, please do. If not, please spread the word.

-Gift of Parenthood


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