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Gift of Parenthood and Reproductive Fertility Center are on a mission to tear down the stigma and financial strain of infertility.

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Post a photo or video of yourself on Instagram tearing through a piece of paper with “infertility” written on it.

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Re-post the caption below with your photo/video, like & tag @giftofparenthood_org and @reproductivefertility + tag at least one friend to pass on the challenge.

Win $8,600 for IVF

You or the person you nominate can win $8,600 for IVF from Reproductive Fertility Center.

Here’s how the #infertilityteardownchallenge works:

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"I’m nominating _____ for the #InfertilityTeardownChallenge"

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✨ “I’m nominating _____ for the #infertilityteardownchallenge

Between 48 million couples and 186 million individuals have infertility globally. Infertility is often stigmatized, so people stay silent. Insurance usually doesn’t cover treatments, and the costs are sky-high.

Gift of Parenthood is on a mission to tear down that stigma and financial strain.

When you join us, you or a loved one will be entered to win $8,600 for IVF from Reproductive Fertility Center.*

Contest rules:
-Re-post this caption with your photo/video
-Like & Tag @giftofparenthood_org and @ reproductivefertility
-Tag at least one friend to pass on the challenge
-That’s it!

*Travel included for those out of state
**Challenge runs from October 24th through November 7th, 2022. The winner will be notified on November 8th via DM.” ✨

#3 - The Prize

Winner will be notified on November 8th & will receive:

Package value is for $8,600, the cost of Professional Fees for a Single IVF Cycle at Reproductive Fertility Center. The prize may not be used for other treatments like IUI, Donor Eggs, etc. Prize does not include and will not cover other mandatory fees such as Anesthesia ($500), Operating Room/Basic Embryology Fees ($1,500), ICSI ($1,500), Assisted Hatching ($600), Cryopreservation without genetic testing ($1,000), and Medication (paid directly to pharmacy). The recipient must establish as a patient by scheduling a consultation by January 31, 2023 and start treatment by March 31, 2023. Must not have insurance coverage for intended treatments to receive treatment credit.

Gift of Parenthood is not responsible for the delivery of goods promised by our partners. Hotel accommodation is available only for those living outside the area of the Reproductive Fertility Center offices offering retrievals and transfers and is subject to hotel availability.

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Winner will be announced on August 1st, 2020

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Reproductive Fertility Center is led by Dr. Saadat and his team of highly experienced specialists who strive to provide couples with excellent, compassionate care to make their family dreams a reality.

About Reproductive Fertility

At Reproductive Fertility Center, we understand your story is unique. We provide compassionate care by highly skilled physicians and dedicated staff. Our specialized approach and world-class laboratory have helped us to achieve pregnancy rates higher than the national average.

Under the guidance of Dr. Peyman Saadat, Reproductive Fertility Center continues to offer services to people who may have been turned away from other clinics. Our philosophy is to care for the whole patient, thereby reducing the impact that your treatment has on your everyday life. RFC offers comprehensive fertility treatments for both men and women, including IVF, egg donor cycles, surrogacy options, fertility preservation and more.

Our staff will take the time to review and explain all of your fertility options so that you can make an informed decision. We understand that your questions and concerns don’t keep office hours, which is why we strive to be available on a flexible schedule. Reproductive Fertility Center will be honored to partner with you as you move towards parenthood. We truly believe that our success will be your baby.


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We know that money is tight for everyone right now, so we don’t make this request lightly. If you are in a position to help, please do. If not, please spread the word.

-Gift of Parenthood


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