Lane Fertility On Fertility Preservation Methods

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Lane Fertility, one of our esteemed partner clinics, is responsible for making our past quarterly grant cycles possible! They allow us to further our mission of educating, inspiring, and providing giveaways and fundraising tools to those struggling with infertility. We are very thankful for their continued support. As our non-profit organization transitions to weekly giveaways, be sure to click the button below to apply or nominate a loved one for a cash prize. Keep reading to learn more about Lane Fertility’s fertility preservation methods. 

Lane Fertility On Fertility Preservation Methods

Individuals and couples that reside in San Francisco, Novato, and North Bay can undergo fertility preservation procedures with the highly experienced fertility experts at the Lane Fertility Institute.

A mere 475 women froze their eggs in 2019, according to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). By 2018, 13,275 women did, an increase of 2,695%. More women than ever before are putting a “pin” in their pregnancy plans.

This delay in the typical child-bearing years is due to various factors. Some women simply haven’t found the right partner. Others are concerned about the financial feasibility of having a child, paying for diapers, and keeping up with debt. Other women may be fighting medical issues like cancer, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis that threaten their fertility. Finally, some women may just not feel that now is the right time to conceive. No matter the reason women are waiting, they can take steps to safeguard their ability to get pregnant down the road. 

Fertility Preservation Process

Women wishing to preserve their fertility may opt to freeze their eggs. To accomplish this, “a woman’s ovaries are stimulated into producing several mature eggs at once with follicle-stimulating hormones,” according to Lane Fertility. 

Once the eggs are ready to be harvested, “ a trained fertility specialist will use an ultrasound probe to guide a needle through the vaginal wall and into the follicle of the ovary. The thin needle withdraws the follicular fluid, which an embryologist then examines to find the eggs.”

The egg retrieval process is relatively quick, taking about 20 minutes in total. Once the eggs are extracted, they are flash-frozen and stored until a patient decides to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF). 

Men hoping to preserve their sperm “may abstain from ejaculation for two to five days and then masturbate into a sterile cup. According to Lane Fertility experts, “the semen is then washed, which means that the sperm is extracted from the rest of the seminal fluids and frozen for later use.”

Risks Associated With Fertility Preservation

There are a few risks associated with fertility preservation, but they are not very common, fortunately. “The most common risks associated with fertility preservation techniques involve complications from the stimulation of the ovaries or potential bleeding or infection from the actual egg retrieval.” 

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