2020 Christmas Gift Of A Lifetime Grant Recipients Announcement

Each quarter, the Gift of Parenthood opens the door to hope with fertility assistance grants presented to deserving individuals and couples across the country. On January 22nd, Gift of Parenthood announced the grant recipients for the 2020 Christmas Gift Of A Lifetime Grant. These applicants will receive financial assistance towards their fertility treatments as a result of another successful grant cycle!

Please join us in congratulating these couples and individuals while wishing them blessings on their journey to parenthood.

Camille & Todd, Arizona

When Todd and Camille met, it was love at first sight. They quickly moved in together and began trying to get pregnant. After many attempts and no success, the couple decided to see a fertility doctor who diagnosed their fertility issues. With a miscarriage and multiple rounds of IVF later, the couple is trying to pick up the pieces of their dream. These self-proclaimed soulmates long to be parents, and we hope with our grant assistance, they can get there soon!

Dawn & Lamont, New York

Founder of a non-profit that helps underprivileged girls @GirlsVow, Dawn has committed her life to help others succeed despite her own personal hardships. Growing up without parents, Dawn experienced homelessness and still managed to beat the odds and graduate from college. Now, as she works tirelessly to assist girls/LGBTQ youth who have been impacted by foster care, gangs, and the juvenile justice system, she hopes to make another dream come true: parenthood. We are so honored to help your family, Dawn!

Andrea, Illinois

Andrea of Illinois is ready to become a parent with a heart full of love and determination. Given her PCOS diagnosis, she accepted that her path to parenthood would be bumpy; however, after several unsuccessful fertility treatments, she found herself financially drained. She remains hopeful that she can welcome a little one into her world with a little assistance very soon.

Jamena, California

As a teacher, godparent, and aunt Jamena has always felt that her calling was to be a parent. She loves children and hopes to become the mother she has always dreamed of with some assistance. We wish you well on your journey, Jamena!

At The Gift of Parenthood, we know that becoming a parent is not an easy journey for everyone. Infertility is all too common, though not talked about enough. We hear the struggles, the pain, and the frustrations from our community members and strive to be an organization that spreads hope and awareness about infertility. We do this by educating, inspiring, and providing grants to couples and individuals across the world that struggle with infertility. 

Will you be our next recipient? Apply for a grant here.

To see more of our past winners, check out our recipients gallery below:

4 thoughts on “2020 Christmas Gift Of A Lifetime Grant Recipients Announcement”

  1. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have have a applied for the 2020 Christmas grant giveaway, as a military veteran, I am very grateful, this was a fun opportunity, I would like to send my blessings to all the recipients that applied and to The very beautiful ones that were selected, this journey is hard for everyone, I know that this is not meant to be the end of a journey, we must never give up on a dream that is possible, I love seeing people when they have happiness bestowed upon them, everyones smiling faces makes this Journey feel brighter.

  2. Congrats to you all!! I am grateful for being provided the opportunity to have applied for the grant.

  3. Congrats to everyone! Reading your stories give my husband and I hope that our dream will also come true! We are so blessed to have found a community of like people who understand the struggle of wanting a child to complete the missing part of your family. As I read many of your stories I cried tears of joy because I could relate, I pray that we are writing our success story one day, it is so much joy here God bless each and everyone of you as you continue on your journey!!

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