Top 10 Fertility Podcasts To Listen To In 2021

Infertility is not a group we wanted to join and “infertility warrior” is not a badge we chose to wear. The truth is that infertility is an emotionally and physically painful and unfair condition that affects men and women of all ethnicities, ages, cultures, religions, and incomes. No infertility journey looks the same; each person and couple has their own hurdles to overcome, their own medical treatments to undergo, their own natural remedies to try, and their own mindset to shape. All of those on this journey are human, with the desire to be a parent, which binds us. There is solace in the community if we allow ourselves to find it. In compiling this year’s list of the best fertility podcasts, we looked for the ones committed to sharing personal stories, the latest scientific research, and new perspectives on what it means to be infertile. We hope you find inspiration and hope by listening to these episodes. 

Fertility Docs Uncensored

In each episode of Fertility Docs Uncensored, some of the nation’s leading fertility doctors unravel fertility fact from fiction. They openly discuss their own personal experiences as infertility patients, what IVF is really like, tubal reversal, genetic testing, and more without holding back.

Who should listen: Anyone who wants information on a lot of different fertility topics from real fertility doctors that tell it like it is.

Thrive (In)Fertility

Every Monday, Reproductive Therapist Cathie Quillet discusses various infertility topics with fertility experts. Cathie and her partners offer tips for navigating the emotional toll that infertility takes on hopeful parents. Topics featured are trauma, belonging, boundaries, female identity, and more.

Who should listen: Anyone who wants help sorting through the emotional challenges that come from infertility

Fertility Friday Radio

Fertility Friday Radio is a weekly fertility podcast for all things fertility-related. This podcast focuses on debunking common fertility myths, the fertility awareness method, birth control, and conception. The host, Lisa, conducts in-depth weekly interviews with a wide variety of special guests.

Who should listen: Anyone who wants information on tracking your fertility signs for conception or birth control.

Fertility: Let’s Be Honest

On Fertility: Let’s Be Honest, Calisse, a fertility nurse, creates an educational and supportive audio oasis for listeners struggling with fertility or curious about fertility. Calisse has dedicated 20+ years to the world of fertility. To create a candid conversation around fertility, she started her podcast.

Who should listen: Anyone that wants to hear about infertility topics unfiltered with episode titles like, “I’m pretty sure I pooped out my embryo.”

Knocked Up

Knocked Up is a fertility podcast brought to you by Dr. Raelia Lew of Women’s Health Melbourne. In her show, Dr. Lew breaks down complicated fertility concepts in an easy-to-understand format. She talks about eggs, PCOS, ectopic pregnancies, and more.

Who should listen: Anyone who wants general medical information on infertility issues from a real Doctor. 

Making Babies: A Fertility Podcast With Andrea Byrne

Broadcaster Andrea Byrne presents the ‘Making Babies’ podcast. Byrne helps bring infertility issues to light in each episode by interviewing people with a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise.

Who should listen: Anyone that wants to listen to a wide range of fertility topics, including male infertility, surrogacy, and the mind-body connection.

Big Fat Negative: TTC, Fertility, Infertility, and IVF

Big Fat Negative is co-hosted by journalists and friends Emma Forsyth Haslett and Gabriella Griffith. In each episode, they talk about IVF, infertility, and the trials of trying for a baby. They get raw, discussing their journeys to motherhood while also interviewing various experts on all things infertility.

Who should listen: Anyone who wants to know more about infertility treatment, secondary infertility, infertility in men, and signs of infertility.

Fertility Forward

Fertility Forward brings listeners cutting-edge and accurate information on different aspects of fertility. Hosts Rena Gower and Dara Godfrey interview a wide range of experts, including medical professionals, mental health specialists, wellness practitioners, personal trainers, and entrepreneurs.

Who should listen: Anyone who wants a holistic perspective on fertility issues.

Fab Fertility

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The Fab Fertility podcast is brought to you by real-life infertility warrior Blair Nelson. After suffering from infertility and turning to IVF to start a family, she hopes to inspire others on a similar journey. Her motto is, “Just because fertility is hard doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous.”

Who should listen: Anyone who wants to listen to a personal infertility story with inspiration sprinkled throughout.

The Fertility Podcast

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The Fertility Podcast dives deep into topics like navigating IVF, understanding donor conception or surrogacy, and how to prepare for a life without children. This podcast aims to educate and empower listeners with over 250 expert interviews and real stories from men/women sharing their journeys from around the globe.

Who should listen: Anyone interested in topics like, “ What do I need to know about my cycle when trying to get pregnant?

If you are searching for a little pick-me-up, in addition to listening to these podcasts, check out these Memes Only Those On An Infertility Journey Will Understand.

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