Top Fertility Fundraisers To Inspire You (January)

“When you do the things in the present that you can see, you are shaping the future that you are yet to see.” 

― Idowu Koyenikan

In our continued effort to reduce the financial and emotional strain of infertility, we have launched a new crowdfunding platform to help future parents carve out their own path to parenthood.  

Our fundraising tools give future parents the resources they need to break the stigma and financial strain of infertility, educate others, and raise money for their fertility treatments. We’re so excited to share some of the top fertility fundraisers in January. These couples inspired us with their stories, their vulnerability, and their willingness to ask for help. We know you’ll feel it too!

Top Fertility Fundraisers In January

⭐️ After trying to conceive for over eight years, Elizabeth Spring created “Nick And Lizzy’s IVF Journey.” Her fundraiser raised $11,000 in under a week, completing her financial goal. We are so thrilled for Nick and Lizzy, way to go guys!

⭐️ “Kelsey And Jason’s IVF Fundraiser” created by Kelsey Conine raised $2,000 in one month to cover IVF medications and travel costs for the couple located in Colorado. We’re sending baby dust to you both!

⭐️ Marissa Muro found the love of her life and wants to build a family with the help of fertility treatments. Her fundraiser, “Fertility Treatments For Marissa” is over halfway to its $20,000 goal. You’ve got this, Marissa!

⭐️ Dalton and Ashliegh Lowe created an IVF fundraiser after eight failed medicated cycles and countless days of tears. Their journey to baby Lowe has led them to IVF, however, like most couples, they can’t afford it on their own. They are close to $5,000 in donations. Nothing can stop them now.

Using our platform to tell their stories, future parents spread hope and representation that benefits the entire infertility community. By openly discussing infertility, those struggling in silence feel less alone, and slowly, the stigma is torn down. 

With our platform, users can create customized fundraisers for themselves, loved ones, or to benefit charity. Users will also have the opportunity to boost their fundraiser for increased exposure. 

Launching a fundraiser is simple. Just click the button below to get started! Gift of Parenthood fundraisers can receive up to $15,000 in additional Grant Funding. When you launch a new fundraiser, you can apply to be considered for our quarterly fertility grant.

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