2021 Gift Of Parenthood Infertility Success Stories

The Gift of Parenthood organization and its partners provide fertility assistance grants to deserving applicants across the US because we believe that a path to parenthood should be accessible for all. After each quarterly grant cycle, chosen applicants are awarded grant money towards their fertility treatments of choice at any clinic that belongs to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). 
As a non-profit on a mission to end the stigma and financial strain of infertility, we are profoundly touched and humbled when past recipients share their pregnancy and birth announcements with us! Keep reading to learn more about Gift of Parenthood infertility success stories.

A look At 2021 Infertility Success Stories 

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the fantastic success stories that Gift of Parenthood recipients have shared with us this year. Here are the miracle babies that have entered the world this thanks to our network of partner clinics: 

Denise & Troy gave birth to beautiful twins thanks to practitioners at ORM Fertility. Their story was featured on local news station Kiro7.

Katie & Luis welcomed a sweet baby girl earlier this year, thanks to IVFMD.

Lastly, Elaine & Gio brought twins home after receiving care at IVFMD. Their story was featured on NBC/Telemundo Network (shown below).

Mother’s Day Special on NBC/Telemundo featuring IVFMD

New Babies | October 2021

Sasha & Gulliermo

After battling PCOS, Sasha and her husband have been through a rollercoaster of emotions, consultations, fertility treatments, hospital visits, miscarriages, and disappointments. With the support they received from the Gift of Parenthood 2020 Fall For Babies Grant they recently welcomed home a beautiful rainbow baby. Congratulations Sasha & Gulliermo!

“I just wanted to share my daughter. You helped me with the grant at the end of 2020 and she is here!! She was born 9/1/21. Thank you so very much for helping me with the money to make my dreams come true of being a mom!!” – Sasha

Monica & Gregory

Monica and Gregory from Florida were the recipients of our 2021 Spring Blossom Grant Giveaway in April of this year. They used their grant assistance to fund IUI treatments which resulted in pregnancy. Monica is now 26 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy! We are so honored to be part of your journey Monica and Gregory. 

On behalf of my husband and I, we want to express our sincere thanks for the financial support Gift of Parenthood provided. While infertility treatments are mentally and emotionally exhausting above all, the financial burden of ongoing treatment can be daunting. We appreciate that Gift of Parenthood provides deserving families with the ability to make parenthood a reality. All families should have the right to engage in quality fertility treatments because medical care, and ultimately parenthood, shouldn’t be a privilege for individuals only within a certain income bracket. Gift of Parenthood truly helps bridge that gap and gives everyone a fighting chance to receive the fertility assistance they deserve.

Again, THANK YOU for all that you do and I pray God continues to allow you the opportunity to bless other families in need.” -Monica

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